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During the COVID-19 pandemic our services are continuing as normal. All skip deliveries are contactless and our staff are strictly adhering to Government/NHS guidelines.

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The Rise of Food-sharing Apps

We’re all guilty of wasting food, whether it’s having to clear out your fridge before you go on holiday or simply not paying enough attention to use-by dates (or too much attention to best-before dates!). But many of us simply don’t understand the gravity of the situation.  It’s estimated that around a third of all…

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Food stockpiling: the negative effects of over-purchasing food

Given that these are unprecedented times, it’s unsurprising that some of the reactions to this pandemic have been bordering on extreme. One of the biggest trends that we have seen from people all over the country is stockpiling. Whether it’s perishable food or household essentials, stockpiling has been taking place in homes all across the…

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Littering – What’s the Penalty?

Studies suggest that around 62% of people drop litter, but only 28% of people would admit to it. Given that 99% of streets in any given town will have some form of cigarette litter, at least some of the blame can be laid at the feet of smokers. Not all though. Given that over 30…

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