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Zero Waste to Landfill

We're dedicated to pursuing a Zero Waste to Landfill policy, investing in the future of waste management and the country.

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While the UK government has no hard and fast Zero Waste to Landfill plan, here at Brown Recycling we are dedicated to upholding our own Zero Waste to Landfill initiative.

Our 80 years of experience, along with our professional teams, allows us to put in place the waste hierarchy directed by the government. This hierarchy includes preparing materials for reuse, recycling and other recovery techniques before the last resort of disposal.

In avoiding disposal altogether through recycling waste and creating RDF from any residual waste afterwards, we’re achieving our Zero Waste to Landfill aims. Whether we’re recycling cardboard and plastic from events like V Festival, or providing RDF for Energy-from-Waste plants, all of our waste management services deliver on the Zero Waste to Landfill promise.

The benefits of following these strict waste management techniques are two-fold. Firstly, we ensure that as little waste as possible enters landfill sites, protecting the environment from gases produced by the waste as well as any contamination to the local area. Secondly, the reuse of materials goes a long way towards preventing the unnecessary use of virgin materials such as wood and stone, protecting natural environments.

To find out more about the Zero Waste to Landfill initiative here at Brown Recycling, or to enquire about recycling services, simply contact our professional team today.