Browns Move to Single Stream Recycling Conformance

From plastic straws to disposable coffee cups, the news is full of stories about how, as a planet, we’re dealing with our wasteful habits. We’ve been recycling for a long time but there are always improvements to be made to meet changing habits and the global markets.

At Brown Recycling, we’re moving to a Source Segregated Single Stream Recycling (4SR) service to replace our co-mingled and dry mixed recycling service. We have already begun rolling this out for our clients and hope to have completed the switch across the company by the start of July.


What will this include?

We have a number of options to help you better segregate your waste for recycling and processing, making things clearer for you and easier for us take care of.

Cardboard – We’ll be providing wheeled containers for your dry corrugated cardboard

Food – We’ll provide a minimum fortnightly collection of 240L containers

Glass – We’ll provide a minimum fortnightly collection of 240L containers

Office Paper (non confidential) – Bag collection with the option for a 1100L bin for storage


Why we’re changing the system

There are a number of reasons we’re making the switch in our policy, but here is a quick summary of the main factors which have informed our decision:

  1. The quality of the mixed recycling materials was poor, making it difficult to separate and get any materials worth recycling – which is always our ultimate aim.
  2. Due to demand for higher quality grades of recyclable materials and much stricter import policies in China, plastic grades are not currently desired.
  3. We like being able to offer customers a discount for recycling, which is why by moving to our 4SR system, you could make savings – speak to our team for details.

By providing a service dedicated to the different material streams, we will hopefully be able to recycle more of these materials, as opposed them being treated through ERF/RDF routes.

To find out if this impacts your waste collection, what you need to do or whether you are eligible for a discount on your waste collection, simply contact our team today and we’ll be happy to talk you through the changes.


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