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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle We’re dedicated to zero waste to landfill, expertly managing waste recycling for Staffordshire and beyond

Brown Recycling have been operating for over many years as a leading waste recycling centre for businesses and households in Stoke-on-Trent, Crewe and the surrounding areas in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

Our family-owned, independent company will ensure that your waste is disposed of in the most compliant environmentally-friendly way. The following materials will be segregated and reprocessed, ready to be recycled into new products.


Baled and sent to the cardboard and paper industry. We can collect baled cardboard on our vehicle-mounted crane lorry, or for large regular tonnages we can supply a stand trailer. Loose cardboard can be collected via wheelie bins or skips on scheduled collections, or for ad-hoc collections we can also offer a tailored service. We will pay market rate for large quantities of good quality cardboard.


Shredded and baled to be returned to the paper recycling industry. We also provide a BS15713-accredited confidential shredding service, complete with destruction certificates for full traceability.


Plastics which we can recycle include:

  • LDPE Film – Low Density Polyethylene, e.g. Shrink Wrap
  • HDPE – High Density Polyethylene, e.g. Wheelie Bins, Bakery Crates
  • PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride, e.g. Window Frames
  • PP – Polypropylene, e.g. Hessian Sacks/Bulk Bags

Glass bottles can be collected from your site on a regular service via 240L wheelie bin or chain lift skips. Glazing units or plate glass can be collected via chain lift skip or hook-lift skip services, tailored to suit your needs. All glass processed at our waste recycling facility is taken to glass recycling plants to be reused in the glass industry.


Grade A wood such as pallets, crates or other untreated clean wood is reprocessed into other wood products. Grade B and C wood such as MDF and chipboard are sent to biomass plants for use in energy production. We will accept all grades of wood into our facility for recycling or energy recovery.


Plasterboard can be segregated at source with a single stream container for plasterboard only, or for smaller amounts, it can be separated into pre-paid sacks to guarantee segregation, as it is no longer acceptable to mix plasterboard or plaster waste with other materials in one container. It is then sent for further reprocessing at gypsum recycling facilities and put back into industry for the manufacturing of new plasterboard.


Hardcore, soil, sand and stone are segregated at our facility for re-use in the construction industry and land restoration and remedial projects. Our trommel system (end to end at over 45 metres in length) has a 9x3 metres recycling drum to extract soil fraction. Mechanical separation is then used to separate the larger fractions of aggregates as part of the segregation process for mixed construction/demolition waste.

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Eco-Friendly Recycling

All of this is part of our aim to achieve “zero waste to landfill”. This target, set by the EU for the UK to meet, diverts waste from landfills, lowering emissions and making use of the materials we already have without having to produce more. Our variety of recycling services is available because we have continually invested in improving our facilities to meet the needs of our customers, and because we’re always looking for the most eco-friendly ways to recycle, re-use or recover waste.

If you would like to receive a no-obligation waste audit with one of our experienced representatives to see if we could help you increase your environmental credentials through improving your recycling strategy, then please get in touch. Our staff can answer any questions you have and give you the best advice on recycling your waste.

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