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During the COVID-19 pandemic our services are continuing as normal. All skip deliveries are contactless and our staff are strictly adhering to Government/NHS guidelines.

Construction Waste Management

From 3yd skips to 40yd skips, H Brown Recycling can supply a wide range of skips for your construction project and offer a full waste management service.

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From skip hire to total waste management solutions for projects and sites of all sizes, Brown Recycling are able to offer a wide selection of services to the Construction sector.

Our team have worked alongside contractors, builders merchants, project coordinators and more within the construction industry to facilitate a comprehensive waste collection and processing service to suit any project’s needs.

  • Wood
  • Scrap Metal
  • Rubble & Hardcore
  • Plastics
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Plasterboard
  • Soil

One of the largest waste components from the construction sector, it’s important that we do everything possible to avoid wood entering landfill. Whether it’s large lumber which can be reused, or scrap wood to be chipped for mulch, fuel or composite products, there are plenty of ways to recycle and reuse wood from the construction industry.

Since metal is an easy material to recycle and we ensure that all construction waste metal collected is recycled and put back into production. Helping to avoid unnecessary raw metal extraction, we take construction metal - including steel - whether it’s in the form of piping, beams or cable.

Bricks, concrete and general hardcore is a vital raw material for the construction industry. In an effort to divert this waste from landfill, we aim to collect either mixed or separated rubble and hardcore, recycling it to then be put back into use. Quality and contaminants need to be considered when assessing these materials for recycling, but we accept all rubble and hardcore for general waste disposal regardless.

Plastic waste on a construction site can range from shrink wrap used to package materials to PVC guttering and window frames. Plastic materials can be recycled by cleaning, separating and chipping down the material, creating new pellets to be used in manufacturing.

PETE, HDPE, PVC and LDPE plastics can all be recycled the majority of the time, while PP, PS and other miscellaneous plastics are not commonly recycled.

Whether it’s asbestos removed from a site, oils and fuels or fluorescent tubes, all hazardous waste needs to be disposed of legally and safely. Providing containment, packaging and documentation of your waste, we help you dispose of hazardous construction waste in the legal and proper manner.

Plasterboard from walls, ceilings and floors can be disposed of as whole boards or broken sections. All unwanted plasterboard waste can be broken down into a reusable material, avoiding the need for it to sit in landfill.

Large quantities of soil are excavated and processed each day at construction sites. Where the material is appropriate for recycling, an inspection is carried out to ensure it is uncontaminated and compliant with the criteria for acceptance. Blended in with fresh compost, the soil can then be put back into use.

We offer waste management for:

  • Building waste
  • Hardcore
  • Rubble
  • Plastics
  • Hazardous waste
  • Wood
  • Plasterboard
  • Scrap Metal
  • Soil

We’re available to provide a flexible solution for your requirements, assigning a dedicated project manager to your site to ensure you receive the support and service you need. To find out more, or to discuss the right solution for your business, simply get in touch today.

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Our business relationship started over 12 months ago and has since gone from strength to strength. In general, the scrap metal industry hasn’t received the best press in the past but dealing with Brown Recycling has brought a refreshing level of honesty and integrity to the market. Dovetail these qualities with a first class customer response and logistics service and Brown Recycling are well positioned to support the ongoing growth of our business.brownmc Brown McFarlane Ltd