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Total Waste Management

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Total Waste Management We don’t waste time: eco-friendly, efficient waste management from office paper to hazardous waste and everything in between

With the demands of the government and social responsibility increasing, it is imperative that you dispose of your waste in a way which doesn’t harm the environment, avoiding landfill and increasing the amount of waste which is recycled.

Here at Brown Recycling, we are dedicated to diverting as much waste from landfill as possible and have a plenty of experience when it comes to providing waste disposal services in Stoke-on-Trent, Crewe and the surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Site Waste Management

Our advanced facilities mean that we can take care of every material from commercial to trade waste products. We even provide meticulous site waste management and an account manager to give you full support when you need any of the following:

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The Benefits of Commercial Waste Management

So you’re considering waste management services? Hiring a company like Brown Recycling to manage your waste carries with it a whole host of benefits, ensuring that the money you spend works extra hard to improve your business’ efficiency and image. Here are some of the key benefits that you’ll receive:

  • Compliance with waste regulations: As laws surrounding recycling and the proper disposal of materials get tighter, it can be difficult to know exactly how to dispose of your business waste properly. As waste management experts, Brown Recycling will be able to offer a plan which ensures you always stay on the right side of the law.
  • Save money on raw materials: With waste management experts by your side helping you use your materials more efficiently, you will be able to spend less on raw materials upfront.
  • Reduced waste disposal costs: Using your waste more efficiently means that you will have less waste to get rid of in the long run, reducing your waste disposal costs. You may even be able to sell some of your unused materials to local businesses, turning your waste into an additional revenue stream.
Call us on 0800 998 1069

Signing Up for a Trade Account

If you want to kickstart your waste management journey with us, all you have to do is sign up for a trade account. It’s a quick and easy process; all you will need to complete the form is a phone number, email address, business address and VAT number. Once you’ve got those things, together, head to the form here and fill it out. And there you go!

Once you’ve signed up for a trade account with us, here are some of the benefits that you’ll receive:

  • A regular and dependable driver
  • A key account manager
  • Automatic waste transfer notes
  • Invoices with 30-day terms
  • Regular waste collection that you can rely on

So whether you need a one-off service or an ongoing total waste management plan, then look no further. We have efficient, cost effective services and, above all, professional staff to help you. Contact us today for more details or to discuss your requirements and arrange for an environmentally responsible service.

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Does your business need a cost effective total waste management solution? Call us on 0800 998 1069

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Trade waste/wheelie bins
What are your bin sizes?
Our wheelie bin range spans from 240 litres, to 660 and even 1,100 litre units. For large volumes of waste, we can also supply a rear-end loader service with 8, 14 and 16 yard REL sizes available.
What is your lift price?
To get a quote, contact our sales department on or [email protected]. Alternatively, use the quick quote form on our website.
What areas do you cover?
We cover the areas of Stokes-on-Trent, Crewe, Newcastle Under Lyme and Stafford, as well as the surrounding regions.
What days are areas attended?
This depends on your specific postcode area, but we do cover most postcode areas daily.
How fast can the bin be delivered?
We can deliver to most customers the next day – we endeavour to make all deliveries within 24 hours of booking.
For customers in awkward access sites, will the driver bring the bin to the vehicle?
Yes, as long as the bin is not too heavy and distance is reasonable – this will be discussed with our Sales Representative on the initial site audit.
What are your 1100 litre wheelie bin dimensions?
Width 1.20m Depth 1.00m Height 1.20m
Hazardous waste
What types of hazardous waste do you deal with?
Our team is trained to deal with all kinds of waste, including: asbestos, fluorescent tubes, printer cartridges, lead batteries, oil, aerosols and solvents, tyres, fridges, and more!
Do you carry out site surveys before work begins?
Yes, with hazardous waste, we will always carry out a survey and testing. We will then provide a full report at the end.
Trade waste collections
What sizes of wheelie bins do you offer?
We offer 240, 360, 660 and 1100 litre wheelie bins
What sizes of FEL waste containers do you offer?
We supply front-end loaders that are 6, 8 and 10-cubic yards long.
Asbestos waste removal
Do I need to have asbestos removed professionally?
Asbestos is extremely dangerous and has to be removed carefully by a properly trained professional. Never try to deal with asbestos yourself.
Is the asbestos removed and taken away all in one trip?
No, the asbestos will be removed and secured in a waste container in one trip, and then collected and disposed of in another.
Commodity brokerage
Is recycling scrap metal a legal requirement for my business?
Yes, recycling any and all scrap metal is certainly a legal requirement, but we understand that it’s not always easy to get the best prices for it. That’s where our brokerage service comes in!
Is your commodity brokerage service based around Stoke-on-Trent?
Not necessarily. While we do serve the entirety of Stoke, we can buy and sell scrap metal from businesses across the UK.
Confidential shredding
What kind of documents and items can you shred?
We can shred the following kinds of items: GDPR-sensitive documents, leaflets, brochures, branded packaging, promotional vouchers, gift cards and ID cards.
Do you offer secure destruction of old stock and discontinued products?
Yes, we can destroy the following kinds of items: drinks, toiletries, cosmetics, food, electronic goods, textiles and clothing.
Nationwide waste management
Do you use subcontractors?
Yes, but only those who pass our strict checks. We understand that you expect a certain standard of service no matter which branch of your business is being served, and we always aim to meet or exceed it, no matter who is handling your waste on our behalf!
What kinds of services do you offer nationwide?
We offer nearly all of our waste management services nationwide, including bin collections, skip collections and hazardous waste disposal. For more information, simply give us a call.
Wheelie bin sizes
How much waste can I fit in a 240 litre wheelie bin?
A 240 litre wheelie bin, our smallest size, can fit around five full black bin bags in it.
How much waste can I fit in a 1100 litre wheelie bin?
A 1100 litre wheelie bin, our largest size, can fit around 22 full black bin bags in it.
Commercial quote builder
What details do I need to provide in order to fill out the form?
All we need from you is your company’s name and address, and a phone number we can reach you on.
How quickly will you come back to me with a tailored quote?
Once you have submitted the form, we will aim to put together a quote and contact you within the next few days!