How to Reduce Paper Usage in Your Company

With the environment being an ever-growing concern in today’s society, businesses are doing what they can to achieve improvements in their environmental friendliness. One way to do this is by reducing paper usage within your company, and in order to do this there are a number of methods and ideas that can be undertaken. Here, we discuss some of these ideas.

Use online banking for paperless statements/invoices

There are instances in which paper is not needed at all, and wherever possible businesses should strong consider ‘going digital’. All aspects of running a business can be tackled from a digital perspective, including areas such as the company’s accounts and banking. By using online statements and invoices, along with making online payments rather than using cheques, companies are able to save huge amounts of paper both for them and any companies they are dealing with.

Print and copy on both sides

When printing out documents for use within the office, make sure you print on both sides of the paper. By doing this, you will save 50% in terms of the amount of paper you get through. This will not only dramatically reduce the amount of paper used and space wasted, but will also save your company a good amount of money as paper is replaced less frequently.

Adjust fonts, margins and spacing to fit on more text per sheet

Similarly to the idea above, adjusting the size of fonts, margins and spacing on documents to be printed out can dramatically reduce the number of sheets required. By allowing much more text to be fitted on each page, the adjustments will, in turn, save a great amount of paper. This allows companies to order paper far less often, saving both on the amount of paper used by the company and, in turn, the amount spent on replenishing this resource on such a regular basis.

Reuse paper printed on one side for internal memos and notes

Documents which have been printed out, used and then disposed of can be used for an ulterior function which allows the paper to go further. All sheets which have only been printed on one side can have their back used to write on, whether it be internal memos, notes or ideas mapping.

Make recycling a focus

It is evident that while some companies can completely rid their systems of paper altogether when it comes to tasks such as banking and writing to clients and other connections, some tasks really do require paper. In these instances, companies should be mindful of the paper they use and aim – wherever possible – to use recycled paper to lessen the negative impact on the environment. You should also make sure that you have a good paper recycling initiative in place, so that your waste paper can be reused.

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