XR to ZR Shredder

After more than 11 years of service and around 18,000 operational hours, in 2022 we decided to upgrade our XR shredder to the state-of-the-art ZRH2400 Shredder. This
investment marked a significant improvement in our waste management facilities and our ability to shred high-volume waste and recyclables more effectively and
energy efficiently.

With the ZR24000, we have recorded a 30% increase in throughput, enabling us to handle larger volumes of waste with efficiency. The power-saving UNTHA Eco Power
Drive contributes significantly to the economical operation of the ZR shredder with the lowest life-cycle costs in its class. The energy-efficient electric drive with a water-cooled synchronous motor consumes up to 75% less energy than a conventional diesel-hydraulic drive.
The ZR shredder is used in our Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) plant, where we produce refuse derived fuel by collecting and processing various types of commercial waste.

RDF is a secondary fuel and an environmentally friendly way of handling residual waste, which can later be incinerated to produce heat energy. This process diverts
waste from landfill, whilst producing an alternative to fossil fuels.

The shredder’s throughput facilities, and ability to produce consistent outputs, has make it a key asset in our waste-to-energy conversion process, perfectly aligning with our dedication to sustainable practices.


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