Waste management is a critical aspect of running any responsible and sustainable business, and selecting the right waste management provider is key to ensuring that your company’s waste is handled efficiently, responsibly and in compliance with environmental regulations. 

In this article, the Brown Recycling team will explore the essential things to consider when reviewing your waste management provider to make sure you’re working with a supplier who can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Compliance with regulations

One of the first and most important considerations when reviewing a waste management provider is ensuring compliance with local and national regulations. A reputable provider should be well-versed in waste disposal laws and environmental standards. This includes proper disposal methods for different types of waste, adherence to recycling protocols and compliance with disposal permits. 

A reputable waste management firm will be completely transparent about their compliance efforts, so be sure to check the website of any firm you’re considering or ask them directly what certifications they provide.

Bespoke waste management plans

Every business generates unique types and volumes of waste. A good waste management provider will advise on the most suitable waste containers for your site, and how to segregate your waste so it is managed in a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way. This may require a site visit from one of their waste experts to review your current provision so they can offer a bespoke plan tailored to your specific needs. Whether your waste is predominantly industrial, commercial or hazardous, your waste management provider should have the flexibility to design a plan that aligns with your business habits and sustainability goals.

Range of services

Not every waste services business can handle all types of waste so take time to look at the range of services offered by your waste management provider. As well as regular trade and commercial waste collections do they provide waste recycling, hazardous waste disposal and document shredding? Do they have a comprehensive range of waste collection containers including different sizes of wheelie bins, large scale hooklift skips, compactors and segregated waste containers? Opting for a provider that offers a comprehensive array of services can streamline your waste management processes, reducing the need to coordinate with multiple businesses, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Environmental and sustainability credentials

Businesses are increasingly focusing on environmentally sustainable practices, and businesses in the waste management industry are very much leading the charge. Assess your waste management provider’s commitment to sustainability, such as their recycling initiatives, energy-efficient operations, and efforts to minimise landfill contributions. Choosing a provider with a strong environmental ethos will help you to become more sustainable. Working with a suitable local provider can also reduce the carbon footprint of your waste management. 


Transparency and reporting

A reliable waste management provider will be transparent about their operations. This means they will offer clear and detailed reporting on waste volumes, disposal methods and recycling rates. Access to this sort of real-time data allows you to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your waste management programme and enables you to make informed decisions that can help you steer your company forward on your sustainability journey.

Be wary of any company that wants to hide this sort of information from you – the chances are they may not be processing and disposing of waste as they should!


Research the reputation of the waste management provider by seeking client references, reading reviews, checking industry certifications, and looking at case studies. A provider with a solid track record and positive testimonials/reviews from similar businesses is likely to be a trustworthy partner for your waste management needs.  

It’s also worth looking at just how long certain clients have stayed with a particular waste management provider. Any provider that’s able to maintain partnerships that last decades demonstrates that they’re fantastic to work with. 

And finally, do their values align with those of your business? Are they someone you want to do business with?

Next steps

If, having considered all these points, you think there is scope for improving your waste management and want to see if we’d be a good fit for your needs, we’d love to hear from you. 

Call us on 01782 816 520 or contact our customer support team at [email protected] and let’s see if we can help.



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