The Benefits of Carrying Out a Waste Audit

What is a Waste Audit and how might my business benefit from one?

In a world where environmental sustainability is a chief concern, businesses are starting to look more closely at their waste and what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. Carrying out a waste audit is a crucial step in this process as it provides a business with a comprehensive examination of their waste generation and disposal practices, together with expert recommendations for improvement.

Here, our Brown Recycling team delves into the details of what a waste audit entails and why it’s such a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their sustainability efforts.

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What is a waste audit?

A waste audit is a systematic review of a company’s waste management practices with the goals of identifying the types and quantities of waste generated, understanding disposal methods and evaluating opportunities for waste reduction and recycling. This typically involves the following key steps:

  • Waste generation assessment: The first step in a waste audit usually involves identifying and categorising the various types of waste produced by the business. This includes solid waste, recyclables and potentially hazardous materials. Quantifying the volume and weight of each waste stream provides a solid baseline for analysis.
  • Waste sorting: Once the waste streams have been identified, a detailed sorting and analysis process begins. This may involve physically sorting through a sample of the waste to determine the percentage of recyclable materials, compostable organics and any non-recyclable items to get an overview of the different categories of waste generated.
  • Data compilation and analysis: The data collected from waste sorting is compiled and analysed to provide insights into the company’s waste profile. This includes identifying any regular or seasonal patterns, the major sources of the waste and assessing the overall efficiency of the waste management system.
  • Recommendations and action plan: Based on the findings of the waste audit, we develop tailored recommendations and an action plan to improve their waste management practices. This may involve implementing recycling programs, reducing single-use items or optimising waste disposal methods with different waste containers and collection cycles.


Benefits of waste audits for businesses

  • Cost savings: Waste audits can reveal opportunities for cost savings by identifying inefficiencies in waste disposal processes. Businesses can potentially reduce waste disposal fees, negotiate better contracts with waste management services and explore revenue-generating options through recycling of scrap metal, cardboard or other waste streams.
  • Environmental impact reduction: By better understanding their waste streams, businesses can implement strategies to minimise their environmental impact. Increased recycling, waste reduction and responsible disposal contribute to more sustainable and eco-friendly operations, which benefits both the business and the planet. At Brown Recycling, we target zero waste to landfill for the waste we collect and process, helping support the environmental goals of our customers.
  • Compliance and regulation: Waste audits assist businesses in ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and waste management standards. Proactively addressing compliance issues can prevent fines and legal complications. As all our Brown Recycling processes are fully compliant, you can be assured this is taken care of on your behalf.
  • Enhanced corporate image: Implementing effective waste management practices will positively influence a company’s reputation too. Consumers and stakeholders are increasingly valuing environmentally conscious businesses, and a commitment to sustainable practices can enhance a company’s image and environmental profile.

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Here at Brown Recycling, we’re waste management experts. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you ensure your waste management is as efficient as possible and you are also getting the maximum possible value out of your recyclable waste, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.


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