Tiger Trailers & Browns Achieve ‘Zero to Landfill’

H.Brown & Son Recycling Ltd are delighted to mobilise the second part of a waste management plan, which will help serve Tiger Trailers throughout 2018, on to a new state of the art factory in 2019.

Continued investment and collaboration between both organizations now ensures 100% diversion of waste from landfill. Recycling performance is high, with ‘single stream’ waste management across the whole site.

Innovations are in planning for Tiger Trailers new facility, which will further improve sustainability and environmental performance in line with both companies’ expectations.

“At Tiger we realise the importance of protecting the environment. We are therefore embracing environmental change, which has been achieved with help and support from Brown Recycling. This change has also helped the company to achieve value for money” – Antony Grocott, Finance Manager at Tiger Trailers.


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