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What Is the Best Type of Bin Bag?

What Is the Best Type of Bin Bag?

Domestic bin management is one of the more mundane and unpleasant tasks that we have to carry out as homeowners, which is why it’s worth trying to make your life as easy as possible by buying the best bin bags for the job. But what are the best bin bags? Well, the Brown Recycling team will be answering just that in this article.

Bin bag guide

The right size for your bin

One of the most important things about any home bin bag is that it’s the right size for your bin! A bin bag that’s too small is just going to tear or simply not catch the waste that you’re throwing away, so if in doubt, always go a size up with your bin bags. Bin size is measured in litres, so try to find out how big your bin is and then compare it against the sizes displayed on the products in the shop. For reference, most kitchen bins are between 20 and 60 litres.


One of the most frustrating things about dealing with the kitchen bin is when the bag tears. Everyone knows how unpleasant it can be, which is why it really does pay to opt for bags that are a little thicker than the cheapest ones.

If none of the bags on display actually say something like “extra strong”, then we would recommend feeling the different bags individually to see which ones are thicker. You should be able to quickly tell which ones could stand up to punishment and which might end up tearing.


This might be the third point, but trust us, it could well be the most important. Tying a bin bag without handles can be a real pain, particularly if the bin bag is a little too small for your bin. Handles – whether they’re drawstring or cut into the bag itself – make a world of difference, and completely minimise the chance of you getting covered in bin juice (yuck).

Recycled materials

If you’re a more eco-conscious consumer, we would recommend you look for bin bags that are made completely from recycled materials and are 100% degradable. These bags are going to be much better for the environment, and even if the price tag is higher, you can be secure in the knowledge that the bags will most likely be much better quality, meaning they will be less likely to break.

Bonus tip: bin spray

So you’ve got the right bin bags – great. But there’s something else that can make life in your kitchen just that little bit better, and that’s bin spray. Even the most well-kept bins can start to pong after a while, so giving the bottom of your bin a little spritz between bag changes can make a world of difference! We recommend using a product like Bin Buddy – they have lots of different scents and it really does the trick.

Brown Recycling is Stoke-on-Trent’s favourite waste management company. We offer everything from skip hire for local residents to commercial waste management services for companies throughout the region. If you think you need a skip for an upcoming project, why not give us a call? You can even order your skip online.

Posted in: Advice & Top Tips Posted on: October 3rd 2022 Author: Brown Recycling

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