XR to ZR: Upgrading Our Shredder

Good news: we’ve decided to invest in some brand new shredding technology! We’re a long-time customer of UNTHA and our XR shredder has treated us well for over 11 years (probably around 18,000 hours of service), but the time has come to upgrade to the ZR2400.

The new machine will be processing the same sort of waste as before (a mix of commercial and industrial waste) and turning it into fuel for energy conversion, but thanks to UNTHA’s new state-of-the-art technology, it can increase throughputs by up to 30%. This allows us to work faster and more efficiently, which is a win-win for both us and our customers.

It’s a high-torque machine with bi-directional shaft rotation. For the uninitiated, that just means that we can have minimal downtime when shredding! We’re also very happy that the new ZR model comes with an improved electric drive. This means that we can benefit from power savings of up to 75%, which we’re really happy with. UNTHA has even fitted our machine with an H waste table to match our RDF setup, which is perfect.

As early adopters of UNTHA’s shredding machines, we know just how powerful their products can be, and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve over the next decade.

We’ll be using our new ZR shredding machine in our RDF plant, where we produce refuse derived fuel by collecting and processing various types of commercial waste. RDF is a secondary fuel and an environmentally friendly way of handling residual waste, which can later be incinerated to produce heat energy. This process diverts waste from landfill whilst producing an alternative to fossil fuels, so it’s doubly green.

Want to learn more about the technology that we use here at Brown Recycling and how it could help elevate your commercial services? All you have to do is give us a call!


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