Keeping your site or premises free of rubbish is easy when you make use of wheelie bins from Brown Recycling. As part of our dedicated waste management service, we provide a variety of wheelie bin sizes, meaning your site is never left untidy or overflowing with rubbish.

We have two different ranges of wheelie bin sizes – the first look more like the standard bins you use at home, while the two larger sizes suit bigger commercial operations. Our full range of bin sizes includes:

  • 240 L (5 bin bags)
  • 360 L (7 bin bags)
  • 660 L (13 bin bags)
  • 1100 L (22 bin bags)

We can arrange regular collections of rubbish bins to suit your business requirements, helping you to dispose of your waste in a professional and discreet manner. Our 660 and 1100 litre bins also come with options to help make them easier and safer to use, including locking systems and wheel brakes.

Wherever you are in Staffordshire – including Stoke-on-Trent – look no further than Brown Recycling for office bins or business bins. Simply contact us today to discuss which size bin you require and the type of waste you need to dispose of.

Image of 240 Litre

240 Litre

Length: 737mm

Width: 583mm

Height: 1079mm

Image of 360 Litre

360 Litre

Length: 880mm

Width: 585mm

Height: 1112mm

Image of 660 Litre

660 Litre

Length: 780mm

Width: 1373mm

Height: 1213mm

Image of 1100 Litre

1100 Litre

Length: 1073mm

Width: 1373mm

Height: 1354mm