Cardboard Recycling & Rebate Process

Cardboard Recycling Process

Tonnes of cardboard and paper comes through the Brown Recycling facility every day, but what happens to it once you’ve had your waste collected or dropped off at our site? We will show you the full cardboard and paper recycling and rebate process. We’ll take you from the initial collection/delivery stage, right through to the material being back in use.

Collection/Delivery of Cardboard

Whether you drop off your cardboard and paper waste at our facilities or we collect it directly from you for a small fee, we prefer if the materials have been flattened – even better if it has been flattened and baled. This makes the materials easier to move and weigh, making for a more efficient process.


There are different grades of paper materials, which is why when we bring in cardboard and paper – or you drop it off at our site – we then put the materials into sorting. The type and grade of material helps us to define how the material should be treated, but also allows us to remove any material which is unsuitable for recycling. The categories we sort in the grading phase include:

  • Mill size bale
  • Non-mill size bale
  • Small off-spec bale
  • Compacted
  • Loose

At this stage, a price can be agreed for your materials, ensuring you get the best rate when recycling your cardboard and paper with Brown Recycling. We offer rebates on cardboard and paper based on the weight and quality of the material we receive from you.


Where we have received loose materials for recycling, we bale them so that they can be easily transported to the final processing stage. Any materials which came to us already baled will have been through the grading stage and therefore require rebaling before being sent onwards for recycling.


Once the materials have been graded correctly, they can then be treated to remove impurities such as ink, glue and other materials. What’s left behind is then mixed to create a slurry of cardboard and paper, this mixture can then be used to create new, fresh paper and cardboard material with the addition of a few extra ingredients.


Left to dry, the recycled material is then sorted, baled and stored ready to be shipped out and distributed to companies who make use of recycled materials.

Back in the Wild

Put back into circulation, manufacturers use recycled cardboard and paper for all sorts of products. You should be able to note how much recycled material was used in your paper and cardboard products, saving on the use of virgin materials and helping the environment.

At Brown Recycling, we offer cardboard and paper collection services, helping you earn money through your unwanted materials. Alternatively, we accept cardboard and paper waste at our facilities and we give you the best price based on the weight of your materials.


Contact our professional team today to learn more about our cardboard rebate process and we’ll be happy to help.


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