Christmas Recycling Tips

When we say “go green” this Christmas, we mean more than just putting your Christmas tree up. At this time of the year, we’re all feeling much more generous and festive, but with a little bit of effort, you can be kind to the environment, too, while still celebrating the season.

This month, to help you keep your household doing its part for the environment, we’ll share our top tips for Christmas recycling.


Recycle your Christmas tree

If you look at your tree now, it probably looks luscious and green, with plenty of decorations and lights. But once the big day has passed, it will only start to drop needles and turn brown.

Most people leave the tree outside at this point, before breaking it down and putting it in their general waste. However, there are plenty of treecycling schemes at this time of year, offering an excellent way to give your old tree a new lease of life. The tree will be chipped or mulched, with the material put back into use in landscaping and construction.

Set paper and card aside

From the wrapping paper which will be torn up and strewn about your living room, to the cards you’ve had hanging up – it’s all recyclable. You can get prepared early by setting aside a bag or receptacle to place all card and paper waste in, which means you’ll have a tidier home and an easier job when it comes to clearing up at the end of the day.

Don’t forget that cardboard crackers, boxes, paper hats and tablecloths can be recycled too if they’re clean enough.


Compost your leftovers

A time of excess, we can often go a little overboard in how much food we make for the family at Christmas time. But if you run a composter in your back garden, this isn’t as much of a problem. You can put most food types into your composter, allowing you to cultivate a good nutrient for your soil.

Check each type of food you want to throw out before putting it in the composter as there are a few items which aren’t good for your heap.


Glasses and tin cans

If you’re doing any kind of hosting over the festive period, you’ll no doubt end up serving up plenty of drinks. This is often a large source of waste, with wine bottles, beer bottles and tin cans ripe for recycling.

You might find that your small, household receptacle for glass doesn’t hold all that much, so seek out your nearest recycling centre before Christmas. This way, you can collect your excess tin and glass waste and take it to a bottle bank. Supermarkets often have these banks close by, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


We hope everyone enjoys the festive period this year. We look forward to helping you go green next year with our dedicated recycling servicescontact us today if you’d like to learn more about our skip hire and waste management options.


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