When Do You Need to Use a Roro Container?


roro skip being emptiedRORO containers, or ‘roll-on roll-off’ skips are ideal for industrial and commercial waste disposal, where they can be used to safely and reliably carry heavy and bulky construction waste. Here, we explain a little more about when you should be using a RORO container as opposed to a large chain lift skip or another type of container.

Whatever the type of waste you need disposing of, with our guidance in this article you can understand a little more about when and when not to use this type of skip.

Projects which benefit from use of a RORO

RORO containers can be used for the following types of job:

  • large and bulky construction waste (as mentioned above)
  • light general waste
  • soil and hardcore
  • household waste
  • inert waste

Instances in which a RORO should not be used

In the following instances, ROROs cannot be used as they are not appropriate for the projects in question:

  • Roads and driveways – this is because the ROROs are too big to be placed on the road or driveway
  • Heavy waste – this is because roll off skips involve an excess tipping charge when over a certain weight
  • Wet concrete
  • Hazardous waste – this is because to transport such waste, you need a closed container

Brown Recycling RORO containers

roro tipping


Here at Brown Recycling, we have the following commercial container sizes available to our customers:

14yd – for those bulkier items and waste materials, we provide 14yd skips.

Depth: 11’4” (3.45m)

Width: 5’8” (1.73m)

Height: 6’7” (2.00m)

20yd – the 20yd skip is great for house clearances, as well as the disposal of construction waste.

Depth: 20’ (6.10m)

Width: 7’9” (2.40m)

Height: 6’1” (1.85m)

35yd – for large amounts of waste from commercial or industry operations, our 35yd RORO skips are ideal.

Depth: 20’ (6.10m)

Width: 7’9” (2.40m)

Height: 8’2” (2.51m)

Here at Brown Recycling, we are committed to providing our customers with the right solutions for their waste removal requirements. With our expertise, we guarantee that your facility or home’s waste is properly taken care of in an environmentally friendly and conscientious manner, all at a great price. For more information on any of the services we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.


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