How to Choose the Right Waste Container for Your Business

Realising that you need regular waste collection for your business is one thing, but trying to figure out exactly how much waste you’re going to produce and what container you’ll require is another job entirely. If you’ve been thinking about this and you’re still not sure, Brown Recycling is here to help.

Brown Recycling stacked skips


Choosing the right container

Before you pick the right waste container for your business, you first need to start by assessing the sort of waste that you produce.


General waste:

This is the most common type of waste produced by businesses and includes a variety of different types of non-recyclable packaging and food wrappers. For this kind of waste, a wheelie bin will usually suit your needs. You can opt for a 240 litre bin, a 360 litre, a 660 litre or even an 1100 litre if you’re producing lots of waste.


Paper, cardboard and metal:

If your business has plenty of cardboard, paper or metal (such as aluminium cans) to dispose of, then you are going to require a separate container for this. All of the aforementioned materials can be mixed together just as long as they are dry and haven’t been contaminated by food or any other chemicals.



If you run a restaurant or a bar, then you will undoubtedly be producing a great deal of glass waste, which means that you will need one or two dedicated glass waste containers to go alongside any general waste. Like paper, cardboard and metal, all glass waste must be cleaned (or food residue must at least be removed) before it’s put into the container.



All businesses will produce some food waste, as of course all staff need to eat! However, again, it will mainly be restaurants, bars and other eateries that will require additional food waste containers.

Like the other types of containers, it’s important that only the designated materials are put in there, ensuring there’s no contamination and the food can eventually be used to create biofuel and compost.


Bulky waste:

If your business produces bulky waste, such as the sort of waste produced by the construction industry, then you are going to need a skip. Our skips come in a variety of sizes, including:

To put it into perspective, our 3 yard mini skip tends to be used for domestic purposes by homeowners carrying out renovations or maybe some garden work. They can fit around 25-35 black bin bags in them before they’re full.

For larger scale building work, you are going to want at least an 8 yard builders skip, or perhaps something even larger still. Our largest skips can fit the equivalent of over 60 full black bin bags in them, meaning that you will have plenty of room for all your waste!


Hazardous waste:

If your business is producing hazardous waste, then a simple wheelie bin or skip won’t do. In these circumstances, we will in fact produce you with a dedicated hazardous waste container before removing it from your site as per regulations.


If you are still unsure about what sort of waste container you might need for the waste your business is producing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Brown Recycling. We have years of experience collecting and recycling waste around Stoke-on-Trent, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.


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