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V Festival

V Festival is an annual two day music festival hosted, attended by over 250,000 people last year alone. With high-profile artists, and so many people in attendance, this event required exceptional cleaning and waste management services to ensure the festival was an enjoyable event for everyone. When Ryans Cleaning UK Ltd asked us to partner with them to provide a waste clearance solution for the event, we had to ensure we could provide our high quality standard of service, and enough drivers and equipment to ensure a successful event.

Ryans Cleaning UK have provided a quality cleaning service to V Festival and other large scale events for years, and as it was our first time working with them, our team at Brown Recycling want to our teams could work seamlessly together to provide a first class service for the event.

We provided Ryans Cleaning with:

Our team worked alongside Ryans Cleaning UK to provide a seamless waste solution that ensured all customers, artists, sponsors and partner areas were kept clean and hygienic, through best management and removal of waste from the premises.

Brown Recycling also provided a ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL waste solution that delivered Environmental Best Practice to our customer and their clients’ customer – the general public, artists and everyone involved in attending the event over the course (and subsequent week) of V Festival 2016.