The Smallest to Biggest Skip Sizes

Whether you’re managing a large construction project or getting a few jobs done around the house, a skip is a must-have item to dispose of all waste in one place. However, it can be tricky to decide exactly what size you need – that’s where our guide can help.

Stacked skips


Note: skips are measured in cubic yards, and each cubic yard roughly corresponds to around 8-10 bin bags of rubbish, though this may vary.


Skip Capacity Length Width Height
Mini Skip 3 yard 7’3  (2.20m) 5’4




Midi Skip 4 yard 8’3  






Builders Skip 8 yard 11’2






Chain Lift Skip 14 yard 13’2






Hooklift Skip 20 yard 18’9






Hooklift Skip 35 yard 18’9






Hooklift Skip 40 yard 18’9







Small skip sizes

For those small-scale household or commercial jobs that are expected to produce a minimal amount of waste, a smaller skip size is ideal. These vessels have lower capacity and therefore cost less money. But, ensure that you are realistic with the waste you are expected to produce or you may find yourself needing to order a second skip.

3 yard mini skip

Brown Recycling small skip

Perfect for small domestic jobs in the home or garden, this skip size will hold around 25 to 35 bags.

4 yard midi skip

Brown Recycling truck midi skip hire delivery

Used for larger household jobs, such as one-room refurbishments or renovations, or possibly small-scale commercial projects.

8 yard builders skips

Brown Recycling truck builders skips hire

One of the most popular skip sizes, this vessel can accommodate waste produced by more ambitious domestic and commercial projects, refits or renovations – they are also commonly used in the building trade.


Large skip sizes

For bigger commercial endeavours that produce a greater amount of waste, you need skips with a larger capacity. Hiring one of these larger skips is usually more cost-efficient than hiring several smaller ones.


14 yard chain lift

Chainlift skip hire

Ideal for bulkier items and waste produced by projects on a larger scale.


20 yard hooklift

Hooklift skips from Brown Recycling

Big construction projects can benefit from a considerable sized skip, such as a 20 yard. These skips are also useful for ambitious household projects where multiple rooms are being refurbished.


35 yard hooklift

For large-scale industrial and commercial endeavours that expect to produce a great quantity of waste, a 35 yard is an apt choice.


40 yard hooklift

The biggest projects with a high output of waste need the biggest skip size available – that’s where 40 yard hooklift skips can help.


Whether you’re seeking a small domestic skip, or a large commercial vessel – we can help. Here at Brown Recycling, we understand that every job is different and that’s why we provide a wide range of skip sizes for any industry. With 80 years of experience as a family-run business, we’re happy to advise on your needs – simply get in touch today.


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