Why Hiring a Skip Is Better Than a Trip to the Tip

When disposing of the waste for your latest construction or home renovation project, most people are familiar with the long, laborious trip to the tip. However, more people are realising the worth of hiring a skip, as this option is easier-to-access, quicker to use and all round, a far more convenient way to dispose of waste. In this guide, we explore why hiring a skip is better than a trip to the tip.   

Pros for Hiring a Skip

Quick: Thanks to next day skip hire, you can have a skip at your premises in no time at all – this means you can clean up your site quickly and efficiently without having to battle the queues at the tip. Collection is also prompt, meaning the whole process is easy from start to finish, saving you both time and effort.

Easy-to-access: The beauty of skips is that they are positioned as close to your home or site as possible. This means that minimal manual labour is required to load and offload it, as the waste can be disposed of as and when it is generated in a close-by receptacle. This bypasses the need for huge amounts of waste to be manually carried or offloaded in one go, at the tip.

Transport arranged on your behalf: Skips are delivered and collected directly to and from your site, whether that’s your home or business. This way, you don’t need to worry about arranging your own transport or fitting all your waste in a single van or car – a professional skip hire company will ensure you receive the right size skip to make sure all your waste can be collected in one go by their specialist vehicles.   

Cost-effective: Sometimes, a project may produce lots of waste. The sheer amount of produced waste may therefore require several trips to the tip, costing you both fuel and precious time. A skip is a far more cost-effective option, especially for larger projects. The variety of skip sizes available means that all of your waste can be contained in one place, before being collected in one go.   


Cons for Using the Tip           

Long queues: The tip is known for being busy, and at peak times you may experience long queues that prolong the visit and take up more of your day than anticipated. Depending on how far away your local tip is – and how many trips it takes to deliver your waste – all of this will eat into your valuable time.   

More manual labour required: Bringing your waste to the tip requires the manual loading and unloading of your vehicle, which can be a long, laborious process – particularly if you’re offloading lots of bulkier items.

Transport: Depending on the amount of waste you need to dispose of, you may require a bigger vehicle than your car; either it may require getting friends involved, or possibly hiring a van at further cost. Certain types of waste may also be dirty or heavy, and have the potential to cause damage to your vehicle.   

Charges for certain waste types: Specific waste types may come with an additional price tag simply to dispose of them. The types of waste that may be affected by charges include: concrete, cement, soil, bathroom items, plasterboard, glass.


Here at Brown Recycling, we’re experts at zero-to-landfill waste management. We make sure you find the best solution for your needs, including a straightforward skip hire service that is quick, easy and convenient. Simply get in touch for some advice – we serve a broad area of Stoke-on-Trent and beyond.


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