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Our Fleet Take a look at our dedicated waste management vehicles

In the waste management industry, there are a number of essential vehicles needed to ensure all tasks can be performed safely and legally. Whether it’s loading skips onto vehicles or vehicles for transporting waste, at Brown Recycling we have everything we need to get the job done.

To learn more about our fleet of specialist vehicles and how they can be instrumental to your waste management requirements, simply contact our team today. We’re always happy to discuss our fleet and our accreditations.

Take a look at just some of our vehicles below.

Skip Loader Vehicle

Skip Loader Vehicle

A skip loader needs to be robust and versatile. Used in a number of industries, we deploy our skip loaders to make deliveries and collections when it comes to skip hire. From the one-off skip ordered by homeowners to regular collections for construction and demolition companies, we can cater for it all with high quality skip loader vehicles.

With a number of features to make the heavy lifting and loading stable and safe, we can provide efficient skip delivery and collection in almost any area.

Hooklift Vehicle

Hooklift Vehicle

Allowing for greater quantities of materials or waste to be moved, our hooklift vehicles tackle large containers as a specialised tool for the job. Using a hydraulic-powered hook, the vehicle can hoist containers onto roller to pull the skip onto the rear of the vehicle chassis. This roll on roll off vehicle also allows for swift exchanging of containers on sites where time is precious but safety is paramount.

Trade Waste Vehicle

Trade Waste Vehicle

Most people will probably recognise our trade waste vehicles as being similar to their local waste collection lorry. These vehicles have a special mechanism at the back to lift and empty large trade waste bins into the back, here the waste can then be crushed to maximise capacity and increase efficiency.

Front End Loader (FEL) Vehicle

Front End Loader (FEL) Vehicle

Front end loaders can be used across commercial, industrial and retail sectors. At Brown Recycling we use front end loaders to provide efficient and swift emptying of 2-10 cubic yard containers kept on customers sites. This vehicle also looks similar to residential refuse collection vehicles, but utilised hydraulic arms at the front to handle containers without spillage. A crushproof tailgate also reduces the risk of leakage, making it a safer vehicle for the environment.

Artic Vehicle with Walking Floor Trailer

Artic Vehicle with Walking Floor Trailer

An articulated vehicle is one with a pivot in the body, allowing larger vehicles to turn more sharply than they would ordinarily. The walking floor trailer for our artic vehicles is a series of slats on the floor of the trailer. These slats can then be made to move in a fluctuating pattern (hence the term “walking”), this shifts the load out of the trailer – a handy function when it comes to unloading large quantities of waste.

What our clients say about us

"Our business relationship started over 12 months ago and has since gone from strength to strength. In general, the scrap metal industry hasn't received the best press in the past but dealing with Brown Recycling has brought a refreshing level of honesty and integrity to the market. Dovetail these qualities with a first class customer response and logistics service and Brown Recycling are well positioned to support the ongoing growth of our business."

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Need a skip for your project?

The Brown Recycling team operates throughout Stoke-on-Trent, Crewe and the surrounding areas. If you want to find out if we’ll be able to come out to the specific area that you’re in, head to our Areas Covered page.

Need a skip?

We’ve made booking a skip simpler than ever with our online skip booking form. All you need to do is fill in the relevant details, such as your postcode and the date you’ll need the skip. We can even sort out a permit for you.

Fully accredited by leading industry bodies

We offer nationwide cover for our Trade Account customers

Does your business need a cost effective waste management solution? For our trade account customers, we are able to cover any business location within the UK.

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