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Services used: Trade Waste Collections & Recycling

The Parogon Pub Group Ltd is a privately owned and independent hospitality business with sites based in Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Shropshire.

Established in 2007, Parogon have steadily added new restaurants to their portfolio with their tenth venue opening in Congleton, Cheshire in November 2023.

Given the nature of their business it has been crucial for Parogon to have a reliable and efficient waste management service that meets the needs and demands of each individual location and works around a range of access requirements.

When Brown Recycling were asked to provide a total waste management quote in 2016 it presented the perfect solution for their previous waste challenges.

The challenge

The Group had been serviced by another supplier, but unfortunately the service they were receiving was very inconsistent, had very little flexibility and was unable to meet the specific needs of each of their three sites. Parogon were therefore seeking a reliable, consistent and responsive waste management service.

Additionally, they also wanted to reduce their waste management costs and add more recycling options to make savings across the board.

The solution

Drawing on our total waste management expertise, we conducted a thorough assessment of their current service and immediately identified ways to improve provision whilst also tailoring this to the unique circumstances of each venue.

Our recommendations included introducing food waste wheelie bins at each site. These hadn’t been provided by their previous waste management supplier resulting in the general waste bins becoming too heavy for servicing, which in turn generated higher waste collection costs because of the overweight containers.

In support of our service delivery, Christie Dykes, the Brown Recycling account
manager, provided the Parogon Group with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which confirmed their specific requirements, including the varied access times for each site and the level of they could expect from us as their waste management supplier.

Our SLA also stated that if the group required additional collections – which happens frequently in the hospitality sector particularly around the busy holiday periods – we would ensure that these extra collections were met or that there were more bins provided to the sites to guarantee that the waste was collected due to the increased output.

The outcome

With a tailored waste management programme in full swing and recycling processes in place for different waste streams, their waste segregation has become more rigorous, their recycling rates have increased and their whole waste management has become more sustainable.

Additionally, with their waste fully segregated they now avoid overweight fees, resulting in far more cost-effective waste management services for the whole Group. Our Brown Recycling customer portal provides Paragon on easily accessible data on the volumes of food waste collected from each venue. This has proved invaluable for Paragon’s sustainability reporting, supporting their efforts to actively reduce food waste as they strive towards becoming B-Corp certified as well as improving their long-term business practices.

Brown Recycling
"Integrity, flexibility, and commitment"

We’ve been partnering with Brown Recycling for several years now, and it’s been an absolute pleasure. At Parogon we strive to have very high standards, which means we have very high expectations with our supply partners, what sets Browns apart is their unwavering commitment to honesty and flexibility, qualities that are invaluable in our industry where seasonal trade fluctuations are the norm. One of the key reasons we’ve continued to choose Brown Recycling is their alignment with our company’s recycling plan. They not only meet but exceed our expectations by sending nearly zero waste to landfill, which is a huge win for our sustainability efforts. Moreover, working with Brown feels like having a true partner. The owners and account managers are not only professional but also incredibly responsive. No matter the issue or question, they always come back to us quickly with helpful solutions, making our waste disposal process seamless and efficient. Brown Recycling is hands down the best waste management company we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their integrity, flexibility, and commitment to sustainability make them an invaluable asset to our business. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

- Chris Childs (Commercial Director)
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