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Services used: Total Waste Management & Zero Waste to Landfill

Steelite International Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of award-winning tabletop, lighting, and buffet solutions for the hospitality industry.

The business manufactures high-quality ceramic tableware lines in its Stoke-on-Trent facility for distribution into the international hospitality sector and offers an extensive product range to hospitality businesses in over 140 countries worldwide.

With Steelite being a dynamic and growing business, it has been important to them to have a fast and reliable waste management service to ensure they are always operating to maximum efficiency. We’re proud to have been providing Steelite International with this required, high-quality, reliable total waste management service for over 20 years, covering everything from wheelie bins, tipper skips, chain lifts and hook lifts to ad-hoc hazardous waste collections.

The challenge

When we first visited Steelite all those years ago, there were no distinct waste streams set up for each different type of waste. When different waste materials are mixed or contaminated, it can hinder recycling efforts, contribute to pollution, and endanger the safety of employees and the business.

To mitigate these issues, Alan Gibson, our account manager for Steelite, together with Pat Griffin, Steelite Site Services, proposed a strategy to modernise their approach, introducing a total waste management package with a range of containers. This recommendation, coupled with our extensive experience of handling and recycling all waste streams, was the start of our long-term working relationship.

Progress over the years

As Steelite’s waste requirements have developed, we’ve been there to advise on the most efficient and effective solutions. Installing different containers for specific waste streams, has made it easier to recycle the materials on site and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

The introduction of tipper skips has been particularly helpful for the business. Forklift tipping skips are engineered to withstand the toughest industrial demands, making them the ideal solution for a large manufacturing company such as Steelite. Over the last 20 years, Steelite has purchased 26 forklift tipping skips as part of their Brown Recycling waste portfolio. Wastecan be easily and safely transported across the site and emptied into bigger skips and hook lifts. The 1250L tipping skips are a great space-saving solution too.

And with our regular check-ins and site visits, there is always the opportunity for Steelite to raise any new requirements or issues, ensuring we can support as swiftly as possible to ensure waste management service in always in tip-top order.

The outcome

At the heart of this long-term partnership is the trust earned through our reliable and expert services over the years. A key objective for Steelite has been the reduction in their carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. This has
perfectly aligned with the Brown Recycling commitment to achieving zero waste to landfill, helping Steelite reduce their CO2 emissions by 682.96 tonnes in the last 5 years. Not only has this actively supported their sustainability agenda, but also their membership of the Green Organisation, winning a 2019 Green Apple award for Environmental Best Practice and becoming an accredited Platinum Member for 2023-2028.

We’re delighted to have been able to provide Steelite with the best possible management of all their waste and to have helped them along their sustainability journey in the process. We look forward to their continued success.

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"Great working with you"

When Alan Gibson and I first met to discuss how we could improve our waste management all those years ago, little did we think that we’d still be working together over 20 years on. The support, advice and service delivery from Brown Recycling has always been first-class, and on the rare occasions where there’s been an issue, they have sorted things out without any hassle. It’s been great working with you Alan and team!

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