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Services used: Waste Management , Recycling & Commercial Skip Hire

Persimmon Homes plc is a renowned 5-star home building company, constructing over 13,500 houses every year in more than 350 prime locations across the United Kingdom, including sites across Staffordshire, Cheshire and the Midlands.

Following an approach to the Persimmon buying team, Brown Recycling has become a trusted waste management partner for the Persimmon sites across Staffordshire and Cheshire, providing a tailored and dependable construction waste service that has delivered efficiency, compliance and sustainability improvements.

The challenge

Persimmon Homes required a waste management solution that could handle the diverse waste generated at their construction sites across Staffordshire and Cheshire. It was also important that the waste services provider could work to an agreed collection schedule and avoid their operation causing any delay for contractors on site.

David Cooper, Commercial Development Manager, Brown Recycling, contacted Craig Jefferson, Senior Buyer at Persimmon Homes to provide a proposal to meet their requirements. We were tasked with providing a proposal for skip and hook lift hire services that not only facilitated efficient waste removal but also adhered to strict environmental regulations.

Moreover, our waste management service needed to respond to the differing stages and timings of the construction process and the waste streams these create, including hazardous materials such as paint tins, aerosols, expanding foam, and inorganic hazardous waste, including sealants.

The solution

David undertook site visits and assessments at Persimmon’s construction sites in Stoke-on-Trent to assess their precise waste management needs and requirements. He observed that they only had one skip for all waste streams on each of the four sites, meaning there was a lack of waste segregation and compliant service. We proposed the introduction of a variety of different-sized skips and hook lifts to accommodate the varying waste volumes generated by each construction project.

We also offered a service-level agreement, which included the provision that any requested exchanges on skips or hook lifts would be prioritised due to their work schedules and deadlines with other suppliers. Furthermore, all skips and hook lifts would be strategically placed on-site, ensuring easy access for construction teams and promoting a seamless waste disposal process.

The outcome

Our waste management service has delivered many benefits to the Persimmon sites. Hook lift containers are delivered and collected promptly, minimising disruption to the construction schedule.

As a result of the implementation of a sustainable and compliant waste management system, 99.15% of the site waste has been recovered or recycled, diverting this from landfill. Since working with Brown Recycling the local Persimmon sites have generated a saving of almost 800 tonnes of CO2, a major contribution to their sustainability goals.

For hazardous waste, the introduction of 205L drum containers to all sites has enabled Persimmon to store their hazardous waste safely and in a space saving manner, which is important for construction sites.

Brown Recycling’s provision of a dedicated skip and hook lift hire service to Persimmon Homes exemplifies a successful collaboration that has delivered efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. By meeting and exceeding their expectations, our team has not only supported Persimmon Homes in its construction endeavours but has also strengthened its profile as a business that is working to the highest standards of construction site waste Management.

Brown Recycling
"Reliability and dedication"

Brown Recycling’s tailored waste management solution has significantly improved our construction waste services, exceeding our expectations. With their proactive approach and sustainable practices, they’ve helped us achieve a 99.15% waste recovery rate, demonstrating reliability and dedication. I highly recommend Brown Recycling for any organisation seeking efficient and environmentally conscious waste management solutions.

- Craig, Senior Buyer
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