Proseal case study


Services used: Total Waste Management & Zero Waste to Landfill

Zero Waste to Landfill

Proseal UK Ltd, based in Macclesfield and part of the JBT family corporation, is a specialist supplier of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic tray sealing machines, predominately for the food industry.

Proseal has implemented a series of eco-friendly initiatives, particularly in waste management. As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, the team have actively engaged with Brown Recycling resulting in a prosperous long-term waste management partnership that has not only allowed Proseal to effectively manage its waste, but has also contributed to the company reducing its environmental footprint and fostering positive community collaboration.

The challenge

Proseal were using a variety of businesses to handle different areas of waste which had led to challenges in terms of controlling volumes, cross-contamination, and a lack of monitoring.

Given their environmental commitments, Proseal wanted to address their current challenges and boost the sustainability of their waste management in the process. In support of these aims Adriana Zwolan, Proseal’s sustainability lead, contacted Paddy Cox, Account Manager at Brown Recycling to explore the prospect of transitioning all of their waste requirements to Brown Recycling on a single supplier basis.

The solution

Following a series of site waste audits Paddy proposed a total waste management solution that would accommodate their needs, meet their requirements for segregating their waste not only sustainably but cost-effectively and simplify the process by moving all operations to Brown Recycling.

To appropriately segregate all waste types, various containers have been added to Proseal’s manufacturing operations, including IBCs, skips, hook lifts, front-end loader bins and scrap dolavs.

This has not only made it easier to sort waste on site, it has also provided an additional value stream to the business. All of the scrap metal and cardboard collected from site is graded and processed at our Burslem facility with Proseal being reimbursed via rebates, subject to market value.

The new waste management containers introduced have made the business more conscious of how effective waste management can make their supply chain more efficient, improve segregation, reduce waste volumes, and save them money.

The outcome

Unifying all of their waste operations to Brown Recycling allowed Proseal to achieve a prestigious ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ certificate in January 2023, demonstrating that the business has diverted all of the waste it produces
from landfill by either reusing, recycling, or sending it for energy recovery.

Access to Brown Recycling’s online customer portal has also provided easy access to reports and invoices, allowing Proseal to identify any areas in need of review and analyse the data on their recycling efforts overtime.

Furthermore, the new waste segregation methods have helped improve awareness across the business about waste management and recycling methods and engagement with this important aspect of their sustainability agenda.

Proseal case study
"I would strongly recommend"

I would strongly recommend Brown Recycling to any business that’s aiming to improve their waste management performance, reduce volumes, divert waste away from landfill and become more responsible when it comes to waste. The team there are very supportive and responsive, and always full of ideas and solutions. And thanks to their online portal there is full transparency of data and information available on demand.

Proseal case study - Adriana Zwolan
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